GSPO announces the Winter donor matching campaign. Throughout the month of February, every dollar you donate up to $11,000 will be matched. Now is a great time to double the impact of your donation.

For an orchestra like GSPO, we are celebrating current musical masterpieces from your favorite films, video games and more. We are not only providing entertainment but were are supporting artists, musicians, and composers that are shaping our era of music. GSPO reminds artists and musicians that simply loving music isn't enough to thrive in today's society. You need to give support as much as you receive it.

A typical performance for the Golden State Pops Orchestra exceeds $50,000 in expenses. Ticket sales average $18,000 per concert, which is only 36% of the budget.  Once you start adding up the expenses like musician pay, rights to music, production and rehearsal costs etc, you are in a deep valley of debt. That is why we rely on support from donors to make up the gap. It takes a village to be successful and we are happy to expand the GSPO family by having people donate and become a member of the Golden Circle

Donate today and be a part of connecting communities through wonderful music.