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The Magnificent Movie Poster World of Drew Struzan

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Shawshank Redemption, Hellboy, Cutthroat Island,
Police Academy, Beauty and the Beast, Rainbow Connection and more...

With Special Guests:
Director Frank Darabont, Composers Thomas Newman, Marco Beltrami, John Debney,
Michael Kosarin and Flautist Sara Andon

We are bringing together an amazing group of film directors and composers to pay tribute to Drew Stuzan and his remarkable body of work. Newly created "visual suites," beautifully displaying Drew's various sketches, alternate drawings and final paintings, will be shown on screen above the orchestra as an epic program of classic film music is performed.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have relied on Drew, time and time again. When we think of Back to the Future we immediately think of Drew's painting of Marty McFly standing beside the DeLorean, looking at his watch. All of your favorite film characters from Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter to Kermit the Frog, Fieval and Hellboy, have been drawn by Drew.

2017_GSPO_Struzan Logo no orch name.jpeg

Friday, December 1, 2017 at 8pm
Royce Hall

Tickets go on sale soon...but donate today for a chance to win 4 free tickets with the VIP Experience.

Celine Dion Speaks About Her Billboard Music Award Performance

5/22/2017 by Da'Shan Smith

After wowing audiences with her Billboard Music Awards performance of "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion discussed the moment and the significance of the iconic record 20 years after its release with Billboard backstage.

When asked why she thought the signature song from Titanic was an instant classic, she said "I think it's because it was not supposed to be a part of the movie, period." She agreed with the film's director, James Cameron, on the project not needing any songs, but she still recorded a demo unbeknownst to him. After he heard the recording, Cameron decided to keep it at the end. 

"Being a part of a classic is a very big, big honor," continued Dion. Despite an apparent exhaustion that might come from performing the song for 20 years, the Canadian powerhouse singer reveled in the fact that varying audience members -- even those not born at the time of "Heart Will Go On" initial release -- "were all singing with" her.

Dion described the experience as "emotional," telling Billboard that she had to "hold [her] tears" during the performance. At the end, the former BBMA Icon recipient said she'll "never forget" what took place on the stage.