15th Anniversary - Skyfall, Titanic, And Other Hit Songs from Films

  • Warner Grand Theatre 478 W. 6th St San Pedro, CA 90731
Stephen Van Dorn with GSPO

Stephen Van Dorn with GSPO

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"Movies and music have been a natural combination ever since sound was first added to moving images. Whether a film is a tear-jerking drama, an action-packed thriller or a side-splitting comedy, the right song at the right moment will always elevate the impact of a scene. Not only that, many songs written for films have stood on their own, with the popularity of some eclipsing the movies that inspired them."   Dan Reilly, Billboard

GSPO's 15th Anniversary Celebration featuring hit songs from motion pictures, performed by special guest singers (TBA). 

INCLUDING: Skyfall, My Heart Will Go On and much more!!!

Steven Allen Fox, Conductor

Victor Pesavento, Music Director & Show Creator

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